TrapGAD Set To Release A New Conscious Song Titled “HOME”

Official Cover Art By Mr. Allen Arthur Kwesi

In this time of turmoil and quarantine TrapGAD has a new feel good song titled “Home” with a very soothing sound. T.I.A.B.A. This is a Beautiful Africa the original title was changed to Home after the Production team heard the song. Set to be released September 2020 the Producer, Reggae/Dancehall Artiste was inspired to write the song and the instrumental; as well as the song cover art as a message of hope, “A place called home where there is peace.”

During these heartbreaking times “Home” is a magnificent production out of the Gadzone studio in Ghana, West Africa and a joy to listen to. “Home” African instrumentals and vocals with a jazz flare and the saucy sounds of TrapGad being home is a great time.

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