Chronixx Says There’s No Match For Sizzla In Proposed Verzuz Clash

Sizzla and Chronixx

Chronixx is always down for a gritty Dancehall clash. Part of his pre-performance ritual is to watch classic Sting clashes like that of Ninjaman versus Mad Cobra, or Beenie Man versus Bounty Killer. But though he relishes in seeing “someone lose miserably and leave the room,” there’s one contender he says is unbeatable: Sizzla Kalonji.

Chronixx’s opinion comes in light of Reggae and Dancehall enthusiasts lobbying for an online clash between Kalonji and Buju Banton or Capleton on the Verzuz platform.  Verzuz had indicated that they plan on returning to the Caribbean for more clashes, after the highly praised Beenie Man vs. Bounty match up on May 23.

“Sizzla Kalonji is the greatest artist of our generation as far as the evolution of Jamaican music is concerned,” Chronixx said in a recent Instagram story. “Absolutely no other artist have delivered on his level vocally and creatively. There can only be a Verzuz with Sizzla for love and fuljoyment but not to prove who gave the wickedest catalog. He could clash Tarrus and Romain Virgo together and send dem home ….and then clash honourable King Shango (Capleton) the same night. And then clash Buju the day after and send home everybody.”

Chronixx was among hundreds of thousands of virtual patrons of the epic Verzuz battle between dancehall heavyweights Beenie Man and Bounty Killer. Though many discarded their scorecards and crowned the culture, the winner, Chronixx, was unapologetically #TeamBounty.

“I never bet when it comes to Beenie Man and Bounty Killer, for me it’s always Rodney Price from I was like six-years-old, that’s always been my position when it comes to Beenie Man and Bounty Killer,” he said during a recent appearance on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning. “I wish it was more of a competition though, after all these years of throwing songs at each other you need that epic clash… Me grow up inna dancehall, for me dancehall has a special purpose… it’s competition… I like to see a clash where someone loses miserably and leaves the room.”

The showdown marked the first time two competitors unleashed tunes in the same space, setting the standard for subsequent battles between Snoop Dogg and DMX, Alicia Keys and John Legend, and Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond. Since then, Jamaicans have been tagging Verzuz creators Swizz Beatz and Timbaland with suggestions for the next Jamaican line-up. Kalonji’s name has dominated comments.

“We a campaign fi di culture @verzuztv @therealsizzlakalonji @bujuofficial WHAT YOU SAY PPL?????” roots-reggae singer Kabaka Pyramid recently posted. “I nah accept no debate bout dis one. Capleton is GREAT, but this is on another level, GLOBAL.”

Verzuz was born out of a spontaneous game of tune-for-tune on Instagram live between a liquor-indulging Timbaland and a car-chilling Swizz Beatz on a boring quarantine night. It has since transformed into a viable entertainment brand, highlighting legendary producers, songwriters, and artistes across varied genres.

The battle typically unfolds with each act playing 20 tracks from their catalog, with crossover/mainstream records repeatedly finding favor with attendees.

Sizzla Kalonji’s near three-decade-old tenure in music has spawned a multiplicity of hits and collaborations across reggae, hip hop, dancehall, and rap. Should the ‘Dada’ of Judgement Yard agree to a proposed Verzuz battle, he’d undoubtedly have a record for every patron, and an electrifying fire-burning delivery with intervals of Pan-African messages relevant for the times.

Among his 20 records could be tracks including Holding FirmNo White GodGuide Over UsSolid As A RockBe StrongTake Myself Away, Ain’t Gonna See Us Fall and Good Ways.

For the Queens, Kalonji’s catalogue includes tributes like So LovelyDry CryThank You MamaBlack Woman, and ChildGive Me A TryJust One of Those DaysWoman I Need You and Come Fly With Me.

For the dancehall lovers, and even those who can’t do without Kalonji’s unapologetic style, there’s Haffi Get ItNah ApologiseGet to the PointRun Out Pon Dem and Rise to the Occasion.

By Sade Gardner

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